Cover Reveal!

The cover for my upcoming novel, RECOIL has officially been revealed! Bask in the glory of its awesomeness!

You can pre-order it from Amazon here or wherever else books are sold.

One response to “Cover Reveal!”

  1. RoseMary Craft says:

    I just wanted to say I loved this book. The main characters were so well written and the chemistry between them was so intriguing but also hilarious. I would love to read another book in this universe especially with these characters. I personally love science fiction so the back of the book sold me, but the whole concept is so fascinating. I love the people against corporations and it being sci-fi but there’s a sense of realness when it comes to the insurance policies and how after finding a way to essentially live forever you still have to pay to live. Thank you so much for this book, I hope to pick up another book of yours soon :).

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