Fantasy Novella: The Company

I’m pleased to announce my new fantasy novella, now up for pre-order. You can get it on Amazon here: and it will also be available on B&N, Kobo, etc…

Here’s the “back cover” copy:

The Company, Mir’s Company, is no longer the elite fighting force contracted by Dukes and Barons to win the day. Sometimes the fortunes of war break bad, and the mercenary group that once numbered 100 strong is now reduced to a scant handful that can only be counted on to survive from one job to the next. Velric, the brawler of orcish ancestry, and death walking with any weapon at hand. Reccia, second in command, a sorceress and blade master with a dancer’s body and an angel’s face. Maps, the company paymaster, monk-like and ascetic, with sharpness of mind matched only by the sharpness of his tongue. Cildan, part armorer, part combat engineer, balancing creation and destruction in equal measure. Marcen, the spy, who could vanish into the bustle of the city or the silence of the wilderness and return with the enemy’s secrets. And at their head, their Captain: Miraliand, broad of shoulder and indomitable of will, fighting desperately to keep her people together and restore them to what they once were.

Together they were The Company.

Protecting a small fishing village might be a step down from the contracts they once took, but coin spends the same, regardless of its source. And when a gang of cut-throats believes they deserve to take all that the townsfolk have, they’ll soon learn that The Company has other ideas.

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